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My name is Stefan Riss and I am the author and publisher of the stormpix.net photoblog.

I am living in Munich / Germany and until now my job as an IT consultant has nothing to with photography.

I started taking pictures in 2001 using my first digital camera, a Olympus C100. In 2006 my interest and enthusiasm had grown enough and my urge to publish some of my pictures resulted in the creation of the creative storm photoblog.

On the right you can see a selection of my pictures showing my favourite subjects and topics: abstract, makro, animal, flower, architecture, urban and landscape. Click on the links above to see more pictures.

My current camera is an Olympus E520 and I am really happy with the pictures it allows me to take, although I sometimes miss my old Canon Powershot IS 2S which was smaller and more versatile than the DSLR. Unfortunately the Powershot died in 2008.

If you would like to find out more about my pictures you can start by clicking on one of the pictures or by browsing through the archives.
Please enjoy the pictures and if you particulary like a photo, I would be very happy if you would leave a comment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Stefan Riss. All rights reserved.

Modular Architecture 60ties Whispering Open Eyes II Quo Vadis, Polar Bear? Sydney Harbour Enclosing Softness Under The Tree Snail At the Eisbach Off / Balance Ice And Sky Superior Glory Attracting Colors Whoosh Golden Mary Orange Moment Warmth Inside The Clown