Rainy MorningThe GridInto the DreamGreen BallsLiquid ColorsLiving in the SkyMondrian ReflectionCapillary WaveLinesA Sunset From the PastWatching the DreamBoiler in the Pink RoomA Face in the PondCannot See Clearly NowAlpha CylonOmni BubbleAshtray and GlassThe Mirror - SanityHypo MirrorGardening Tools Behind the BorderOpen Eyes IITwilight WorldThe Spirit BeyondFragments of RealityShooting at the BankDeserted Orange Desks160x200 / 180x200Yellow Ball and Red CoatThe Wheel Goes Round And RoundCobalt GridAquariumHeadacheDistorted DistractionIn Your EyesRomantic ChâteauCivilizationRefractional Circles33 mmBeneath a Stone SkyFlowing OfficesOffice Building