The Arrival

The Arrival

2008-10-04 23:21:58

I went out to the Oktoberfest last night - for the first time the sole purpose was taking pictures. It felt strange standing there with my tripod and camera, amongst all those people having a good time. But after I had my tripod out, some people would jump in front of my camera and wanted me to take pictures of them - which I did. Gladly.

It was a very rewarding experience and I even got some nice pictures. This is one of my favourites.

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Permalink | 2008-10-04 23:21:58
Exif: E-520 | 1/15 sec | f/4.4 | 58 mm | Flash: Fired


  • Totally light speed, looks like a time machine starting up! :-)
    Claus Petersen @ 2008-10-22 22:32:48

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The Arrival

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