Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun

2007-08-14 22:58:15

Happy Birthday, Wubafra. I know that this was not the most relaxing of days, but I am looking forward to our holiday in Spain and having you and A. around me. And no matter what the weather will be there, I know I will be warm, because you are my sun.

(For the convenience of my readers, my clone will continue to post pictures on a bi-daily basis. Please let us know what you think of each but do not expect any responses soon (the clone has instructions to keep a low profile, because it's a top secret government project).)

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Exif: Canon PowerShot S2 IS | 1/60 sec | f/2.7 | 6 mm | Flash: Not Fired


  • Happy birthday! And welcome, clone. :)
    Jessica @ 2007-08-15 05:06:42

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Children of the Sun

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