2007-04-05 23:19:17

Food in cans and things in plastic made to feel and smell like the real thing. But you always know that it is at least partly synthesized to satisfy your civilised taste. Do you really know where the milk in your coffee is coming from? And while I am enjoying the big red apple from New Zealand insecticides are accumulating in my body and what good will it do to me? At least it's killing the insects!

(Sorry for the rant, but this special supermarket which is conveniently situated on the next corner, really makes me feel ill. Thankfully my wife is taking good care of us and is usually buying organic food. Thank you.)

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Exif: Canon PowerShot S2 IS | 1/30 sec | f/3.5 | 26 mm | Flash: Not Fired


  • Wouldn´t it be fun to play with this human marble? Where will it go? To the left, right or straight on?
    wubafra @ 2007-04-08 17:24:24
  • Excellent complement to the last photo.

    What is the woman in the freezer looking for? And is that man holding a camera? :)
    Jessica @ 2007-04-08 17:52:24

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