Welcome Back

Welcome Back

2007-03-24 23:36:03

This is it. The first post after leaving blogger. Setting up the new blog was not as easy as I thought and during the migration process I really missed blogging. Now everything seems to be up and running again. The new official address of this blog is stormpix.net but old links and bookmarks should still work too. So please stay tuned: my posting rate will increase dramatically and I have some interesting pictures in the pipe - at lease that's what I think. As always please do not hesitate to tell me what you think about the pictures. Please also tell me if you've got any problems with the new site.

The two lady bugs and a few of their friends were visiting our apartments balcony a few days ago. I hope they'll return when the snow has left and spring will be here at last.

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Exif: Canon PowerShot S2 IS | 1/6 sec | f/2.7 | 6 mm | Flash: Not Fired


  • Link works seamlessly. I like the dots around the selected picture on the left, too.
    Jessica @ 2007-03-26 04:49:47
  • It's nice to leave blogger isn't it and have a bit more freedom? I did the same. Great shot!
    Melbourne @ 2007-04-10 23:46:45

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Welcome Back

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