A Jellyfish in Munich

A Jellyfish in Munich

2007-03-12 22:40:00

Like many other cities, since last year, Munich has it's own Sealife tourist attraction. Not that Munich has much that would refer to the sea. But who cares? I was surprised to see that many - not exactly home to Munich - species in the nicely decorated and illuminated underground caves filled with aquariums and basins. And we enjoyed it. And yes we are now more motivated than ever to safe our seas. I mean it - really.

State of the blog: I decided to continue blogging on blogger.com on a regular basis for as long as the new site is being setup, even though it annoys me that the folks at google forced me to move to the new blogger and that there are some apparent changes in their templating engine ... just in case somebody at google is reading this. And yes I already filed a bug report!

In the meantime thanks to every one for bearing with me and thank you again for your comments. I really appreciate every single one of them no matter if it's criticism or praise. The former will hopefully help to improve my technique, the latter - well - is good for my ego :-).

@Jessica: Putting up pictures that I'm not happy with is not exactly easy. But for the next picture I'll do my best to disappoint you. Which would you like more: a boring makro, an uninspiring ruin or a pair of too far away birds?

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  • Haha. Such difficult choices! I'm going to go with being uninspired.
    Jessica @ 2007-03-16 06:19:00
  • Hallo stefan, gelungene Erinnerung. Nochmals Danke. Dad.
    Dad @ 2007-03-19 10:56:00

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A Jellyfish in Munich

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