Sunday Tea

Sunday Tea

2007-02-07 12:08:00

Thanks to everybody who took their time to post a comment on this blog in the last few days. By now I'm really feeling guilty for not posting more often.
I only wish that the days would have more hours, to fit all the important stuff like blogging & taking pictures, job, eating, watching "24" and "Grey's Anatomy" :-), playing Lego with A., caring about the family, finishing that web page design. Did I mention sleeping? [items in no particular order].

One(!) sentence about this picture:
Last Sunday I took some time off and had hot (hint: there's steam rising from the cup in the picture) tea from Japan and Taiwan in nice china cups with a good friend in the very relaxing atmosphere of the Friesische Teestube, which despite it's name (Friesland is in northern Germany) is located in Munich's Schwabing borough, which in turn has nothing to do with Schwaben, a "historic and linguistic region" in south-west Germany.

Well. It's now after "James Bond" time (after 0:07) and my head is dizzy after all these links, so I'll better get some sleep. Next picture tomorrow - promise.

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  • Uuuuaaaaaahhhhhh! is the best link of all.

    The tea looks very restful and calm.
    Jessica @ 2007-02-08 06:17:00

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Sunday Tea

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