Dark Road

Dark Road

2005-12-27 15:22:00

You cannot see the end of the road and it's getting dark. The branches seem to reach out for you and the trees are whispering. There is a dark shadow hiding behind the next tree. You are going faster, the fog is like a breath on the back of your neck. You do not dare to look behind. Are you scared?

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Exif: C100,D370 | 1/30 sec | f/4 | 4.5 mm | Flash: Not Fired


  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

    Or perhaps Blake says it better:

    Pale through pathless ways
    The fancied image strays,
    Famished, weeping, weak,
    With hollow piteous shriek.

    Jessica @ 2005-12-29 23:45:00
  • Thought of you and your daughter. So sorry to hear about the accident in Germany.
    Jessica @ 2006-01-02 21:52:00
  • Very good photography, good combination of ambient light, technique and photo editing.

    Keep it up!

    Happy blogging!
    speed_demon @ 2006-01-03 03:37:00

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Dark Road

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