2005-11-14 01:15:00

This is the first picture from our holiday in LA. I really miss those palm trees.

By the way. How do you like the new layout?

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    1. Thanks for the link.
    2. The palm trees are one of the best parts of L.A.
    3. I think your layout is great. I'm not sure what is new about it, though.
    Jessica @ 2005-11-14 22:53:00
  • 1. You're welcome - as of now you seem to be my biggest fan :-)
    2. Sigh.
    3. Thanks. You still can see the old layout on the www.creative-storm.de main page, which unfortunately has not yet been bloggified. Essentially the new layout gives more room to the images and is centered.
    Stormmaster @ 2005-11-15 01:13:00
  • ah, nice.
    Jessica @ 2005-11-15 18:28:00

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